UK Tiling Forum; a tile forum for the UK

UK Tiling Forum; a tile forum for the UK

Welcome back to the UK Tiling Forum; the tile forum for the UK wall and floor tilers.

We’ve not been online for long, but we’re already growing. We have more than 32,000 members across the UK and even overseas in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Among other places, mostly English-speaking but not always. We have a few people from other countries in Europe. Spain, Greece and other countries that are popular when it comes to tiles or tiling.

UK Tiling Forum for All Tilers, whether Professional Tilers or DIY Tilers are Welcome on this UK Tile Forum

Some tiling goes back centuries and are of Greek origins. Though you won’t find large format porcelain / glass tiles there. Similar to pottery, tile was always made with clay or other materials that were easily accessible at the time.

What Types of Members Fit In?

All types.

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How comes there’s a uk tiling forum on loads of domains?

Usually because members leave the forum due to some small change and go and try to setup their own uk tiling forum.

How long do they last?

Average is 16-18 months. The more stubborn the owner is the better really because they keep it running for longer at a loss so when they do go, they don’t come back and tend to go back to their old job which isn’t always tiling related.

Can I find tiling tool advice on the tiling forum?

Sure thing. All tiling tools brands are discussed in great detail. Including Karl Dahm, Rubi, Sigma, Montolit, Plasplugs (more for DIY and weekend warriors that one).

And as well as that, adhesive brands such as BAL, Mapei, Weber, Tilemaster, Norcros, and many others are discussed in detail and at large.

There are adhesive classification and uses as well as recommended tiling tools that go along with each adhesive type etc.

There are some dedicated forum categories over at UK Tilers Forum. Including a tiling forum, tiling tools forum, tile adhesive forum.

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