Floor Tiling Guide

Floor Tiling Guide

Here’s our simple floor tiling guide. This guide is for beginners and doesn’t include everything you would need to know to tile floors in all circumstances. But it’s a good start.

Then once you have read the guide, should you have any questions you can visit the forum and start a new thread.

Floor Tiling Guide; Where to start when tiling a floor

The first think you want to do is find the centre of the floor in each direction. You can do this by measuring the width of the floor in both directions, around where you think the centre is, then halving the measurement to find the actual accurate centre point.

You then could do with finding out which of the walls and square to the ones it joins. You will usually find two or three of the four walls match, but then perhaps one or two of the internal walls are not square to the building in general. Not always, but often.

If you have three square walls, treat the room as if you want to tile up to those walls straight. So if you started full-tile off the one wall that wasn’t square, you would be cutting the tiles right around the edge of all three of the other walls.

The opposite is true, so if you are cutting tile to get them to fit, it’s best be cutting them on the wall that isn’t square. Then should you end up with cuts on the other three walls, they will at least be straight cuts. So not ranging from one size to another.

We will update this post with more information as and when we get questions about our floor tiling guide.

There’s a guide here to help you: How to Tile a Floor with Ceramics

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