How To Cut Thick Floor Tiles

How To Cut Thick Floor Tiles

Afternoon folks – just been thrown a bit of a curve ball … going to be tiling a bathroom floor for a customer and when I went to see what was required, the old chap said, we’ll take all the old stuff out and you can tile before we install the new toilet sink bath etc…..I thought ideal.

How to Cut Thick Floor Tiles and Which Tile Cutter to use

…the old chap then obviously realises that they only have one toilet so they got the plumber to take everything out, but plumb the toilet in , hes just rung to apologise.

As a relatively new tiler, this will be the first time that I will have had to fix the floor tiles around the toilet as opposed to under.

Is there any advice you could give me as to creating a template so as to ensure I cut as accurately as possible…also would I just silicone around after tiles are fixed ?

Any help gratefully accepted and appreciated …many thanks

Find information on how to cut thick floor tiles easily and quickly using a manual tile cutter, or a scribe and snap method.

Personally i would take the toilet back out, tile and grout underneath then put it back again. Would be much quicker and easier but if thats not an option make a template out of cardboard, cut and fix tiles and silicone round toilet

Lay all the whole tiles around the toilet, then use a cardboard template (cut it to the same size as your tiles) to get your cut. When you mark out on your tile, cut it a bit bigger to start with just to make sure you are on the right track, then you can make little adjustments, nothing worse than cutting it short then having to start again!