How To Work Out How Many Tiles Are Needed

How To Work Out How Many Tiles Are Needed

So I am trying to figure out how much to account for wastage for tiling a house, and I also would like to have a spare box for breakages (post-tiling).

The entire house (2 bed 2 bath) is 90 square metres and is being tiled in a 1200 x 200mm tile. The tile is rectified so the grout will likely be 2-3mm.
I have read elsewhere on the forum that for a large tile I should probably account for 10-15% wastage. Does this sound applicable to my situation, with the long tile and also needing to do 2 bathrooms? And is this likely to leave me with some spare tiles to keep for breakages later on?

Im also asking because the tile is on sale so I am unlikely to be able to buy more or return excess down the line.
Any input would really be useful.

On 90sq m l would probably go with 5%.

I also was thinking 5% but let’s get realistic how much do the tiles cost and to have the peace of mind in the overall scheme of things how much would an extra 5% cost you? Probably a no brainer.

I would go 5-10% also as they are plank tiles will they be laid random bond or brick bond if brick bond you will waste more tiles as random bond the off cut from end of row will be used to start the next row dependent on how that row ends

Ten percent ,not worth the hassle of trying to get the same batch if slightly short,best to keep a few mts anyhow

Thanks so much for all the advice, this has been really helpful! I also hadnt thought about the potential wastage saving with random bond (which I think looks better as well). Turns out I should be able to return some extras so will go for the 10% and hopefully return any remainders.

Thanks again.

Looking for a bit of useful advice please.
Been asked to do a quote on a 235 square metre floor.
One for diamond set & one for straight set.
Still new to this so not fully up to speed.
What i’m looking to find out is would it be best to quote per metre square or by the day?
How many metres a day is possible on average if i do quote on a day rate?
Would it be good practice to charge a bit more for diagonal set?
A rough estimate would be good to see if it compares to the figure i’ve come up with? I know we’re all different but just wanted to get an idea.