Best Blades for Tile Cutters

Best Blades for Tile Cutters

Discuss Best Tile Cutter Blades – Rubi Cpc, Montolit Dna, Ats Diamond Blade And Dewalt Wheel in the Tile Cutters and Tiling Tools

Ever in my search of understanding price v quality of diamond wheels I have in my possession now a Rubi CPC, A Montolit DNA, An ATS and a DeWalt wheel. All these go onto the DW24000 and all the same diameter.
Now while its not a fair test as I am expecting teh Montolit wheel to be the better of the bunch ..a.s it should be if price is anything to go on….but what would you be looking at when trying a new wheel in your wet cutter?

Best Tile Cutter Blades – What’s the best tile cutter blade out there?
Rubi CPC, Montolit DNA, ATS Diamond Blade and DeWalt Wheel

Minimal chipping ?
Speed ?
Smoothness ?
Long lasting ?
Noise ?…yes some wheels produce more noie than others.
Would you accept less than perfect if the price was right ?

I will be cutting some Lounge Dark Grey Porcelain tomorrow and trying all these wheels to see for myself, hopefully if weather permits I can take a few photos too.

I’m really looking forward to this test.

We’ve sold a large number of these blades at 115mm, 125mm & 200mm (so many 200mm we’ve run out of stock). We have a 180mm in the pipeline, but we’ve never sold a single 250mm.

I’m wondering if the price is actually putting people off, along the lines of it can’t be that good if it’s a quarter of the cost of a premium blade.

What I’m really interested in is how it performs compared to blades that are three and four times the price. Should be a good test, that’s a proper cross section of value you’ve got there. In hindsight I should also have sent you up a 250mm continuous rim porcelain blade as well as the turbo one.

I’m the same as others- minimal chipping and a nice clean cut paramount. Interesting to see how they perform on a 45′ too as I heard some blades stray and found this on my old Rubi wet saw. Never experienced it on my dewalt though. Looking forward to the results

Same as everyone else, minimal chipping and smoothness of cut which I find I get with the DNA blade but for the price it should be. If I found a similar blade that done the same and cheaper then I’d give that a try.

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