10 Tips for Wall Tiling

10 Tips for Wall Tiling

10 Top Tips for Wall Tiling – We asked the forum, here are their responses.

Not so much the tips i can offer, but certainly something i’ve learnt. Just moving away from rubi for me. Only used the rubi for the few jobs i’ve done and merchandising at work. Bought my first cutter, the monti 63p3. Love it. Ordered it when i bought some rls from ferramenta as cost was also a factor. But cuts feel so much better than the TR or the TX’s.

2016 been a real eye opener. So much more to tiling than is first realised by many. But its enjoyable and a career i want pursue. So you lot keep the tips coming, and I’ll keep taking them in 

Sigma cutters proved to be excellent, extra large format equipment still very early in their development, buy wisely!
Your way is not always best, but sometimes it is!
Listen, there are those who know better.
Just cos you’re older, don’t mean you’re wiser!
Work clean and stay happy, it’s only a job, well some of the time! 

Not so much one particular tip,but the amount I’ve upped my game since the book match job in Hampstead. The time taken to plan and set that out resulted in a beaut of a job and I guess that job for me was sort of inspiration. I’ve always had the mantra of “plan your work and work to your plan”, but I’ve never had to tackle a job with that much planing and technical detail. So for me I suppose it’s gave me more confidence, don’t get me wrong I’ve been involved and been responsible for some very large contracts like full airport refits and countless shopping centres, completly new housing estates and schools etc, but that’s all relatively straightforward work if you can use a protractor, compass and calculator lol, but having watched that job unfold bit by bit I now relish the chance to tackle something like that.
So my tip would be watch and learn, everyday is a school day!

Don’t brag about finishing work this friday then take a ‘little job’ on for next week 

On a plus side i will not be starting till the 2nd week in jan 

More Top Tips for Wall Tiling

My top tip is though , always ask what tiles they have bought when pricing , and if they say ” oohhh these really nice bct 3d tiles” either double the price or walk away 

I learned to say no, (I can not do the job, I only have 2 hands, searched for another tiler)
this year, are more jobs that I refused to do, that the works I’ve done !!!.
here in Italy, everyone says that there is little work …. (mystery) ….
it’s probably my fault, I do not understand meaning of the word “work.”
I find myself 50 years, with turnover rising. It should not slow ?, another mystery

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