10 Tips for Floor Tiling

10 Tips for Floor Tiling

Tiling Made Easy – 7 Tips For Beginners

1. Start small: Do not plan to lay tile in a large kitchen for your first project. Try a small bathroom first.

2. Watch a “how-to” video: Reading is great, but this is a hands on project, and there is no substitute for watching an expert at work.

3. Buy quality tools: A trowel that costs 30% less is not a bargain if it breaks halfway through your project. Buy the best quality that you can afford.

4. Do NOT buy a wetsaw: For your first project, hire a wetsaw. The less expensive models at the DIY store are not great quality saws. Spend less and hire a good quality wetsaw. If you find that your enjoy laying tile and plan to lay more in your house, then consider investing in a higher quality wetsaw.

5. Order enough tile: Take careful measurements and order extra tile. Tile is made in batches (like wool) and if you get tile from two different runs, it may not match. Allow for some breakage, and then allow some more if this is your first or second tiling project.

6. Don’t forget the trims : These you use to hide a tile’s unglazed edge and any cut tile edges.measure how much you need to compltete full length’s without piecing.

7. Have fun: Remember, this is a learning process. Tile experts charge a lot of money for a reason. It takes time and practice, but each room you tile will look better than the last.

I think I would buy a cheap wet saw these days, but a good blade.