Short Tiling Courses

Short Tiling Courses

Short Tiling Courses are perfect for the DIY tiler, homeowner, or property developer who wishes to get the hang of tiling.

If you are changing careers and need to find tiling courses, then short tiling courses are a good introduction to that. But the real training begins in the field when you’re actually tiling customers bathrooms and kitchens, floors and walls, and charging for them.

Short Tiling Courses for Newbie Tilers

When you complete a short tiling course the aim is usually to find out about tiling, learn a thing or two, get some contacts with regards to tiling tools and suchlike, and then go and practice.

If you like it, you can then contact the training centre or college and then ask about tiling NVQ’s which are the current UK qualification for wall and floor tiling. You’d get an NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling.

What can you expect to learn on a short tiling course?

You may wish to learn how to tile walls or floors by watching YouTube videos or reading online. But the real way to learn tiling is to feel tiles, get messy mixing adhesive, and practice cutting cutting and more cutting. You can never finish perfecting cut tiles, there’s always room for improvement.

To save time you might want to take a short tiling course which you might find at your local college but they tend to only provide longer courses and spread over weeks or months learning for just a few hours a week.

The other way to learn, is to do a short tiling course. Some tile adhesive manufacturers provide short courses but usually only using their own branded tools and / or adhesives. Those courses are often free or very cheap (they run at cost and not for profit, at least not there and then on a course) and are well worth doing if you live near to them and they have space for you etc.

But some companies have setup to provide trade related courses for many trade types, and some training centres do only tiling courses, which usually suggests that they are focused on tiling training and not profit per se. There is a brilliant training centre up Newcastle way called North East Tiling Training, or UK Tiling Training now. They do short courses to help get newbies up to speed with materials, practices and tools. Then you can go away and do your own tiling, or practice some more and end up charging for your work. And that’s when you can call yourself a tiler. Although the learning never stops.